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Chapli Kebab

Chapli Kebab is one of the most popular kebabs which are ubiquitous in Pakistan. In Chapli Kebab, you need specially prepared masala which is mixed with diced tomatoes and minced meat, and finally its pan fried or grilled. Therefore, there are two versions of the Chapli — the pan fried and the grilled. We would […]

Galawati Kebab

Introduction One of the best rated and appreciated form by all people who hold expertise in the making of kabobs and also by those who have tasted different kinds of kabobs, is the galawati kabob. At first, this delectable mince kebab was prepared for a ruler in Lucknow, India and the recipes for kebab were […]

Chicken Saag

  This is an indigenous Punjabi dish which is locally called Murg Saagwala. If chicken and spinach would blend in a juicy, succulent and nutritious fusion then it is certainly a curry recipe for. Ingredients: 1 cup of chicken ( Cut the chicken into pieces) 3 cups of spinach puree 1 table spoon cumin seeds […]

Kakori Kebab

The kakori kabab is one of those kabab’s recipe that is prepared from the mutton. This dish is one of the royalties of North India and has become extremely popular among kabob seasoning lovers. It has a unique taste that stays on the tongue for a long time and is simple to cook and requires ingredients that are easily available.   Ingredients The ingredients involved in preparing the kakori kabab consists of three kinds of mixtures, minced meat about one kilo grams, 100 grams of raw papaya and salt which is used according to the desired taste. The first kabob seasoning consists of the five yellow chilies, 5 grams of white pepper, eight cloves, two blades of mace and nutmeg in a very small quantity which is almost one by eight of a tea spoon. The second mixture consists of four black cardamom, six green cardamom and ten grams of coriander seeds. The third and the last mixture consists of 50 grams of copra, 10 grams of poppy seeds, 5 grams of shahi jeera, 200 grams of khoya, 100... 

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Tangdi Kabab

  Introduction In the Middle Eastern countries kababs are one of the very popular dishes. There are many dishes that can fall under the category of kababs. The tangdi kabab is one of them and can be prepared in different ways depending on the style and ethnicity of the chef who is preparing the kababs. This dish comes under the grilled recipes. These kababs prepared using chicken are one of the very famous Indian dish and is at its best when served with the paranthas. Ingredients The... 

Shami Kabab

  Introduction The shami kabab originated in Lucknow, India. These kababs are one of the most popular dishes in India as well as Pakistan. They are also termed as shami tikka in many places across South Asia. These kababs are prepared by using the meat which is properly minced before it is used for preparing these kababs. These kababs are served with juices or chutneys as well as onion rings. These kababs were extremely popular during the mughal period. Ingredients The ingredients for... 

Seekh Kebab

Traditionally South Asian, Seekh Kebab is a cuisine cooked in a tandoor oven. Seekh Kebab is prepared with lamb mince which is popularly known as ‘keema’ and comprises of small meat cubes which are weaved on a skewer and are roasted or grilled. Seekh kebabs made of lamb mince are more popular than the others. Now you don’t have to get to get to a restaurant for grabbing your favorite Seekh kebabs as here is the recipe for making this appetizing dish at home. Ingredients: Keema (lamb... 

Reshmi Kebab

No wonder all of the non vegetarian people must have tasted kebabs but not all of them know the secret of cooking a finger licking one like Reshmi kebab. The succulent and juicy meat that is used to make Reshmi kebab, gives it this name; to make meat such juicy, it is soaked in a special marinade that plays the most important role in the entire taste and aroma of the dish. A delicious Reshmi kebab will take total preparation time of 24 hours. Given below are the key ingredients and steps... 

Mayane Kebab

Mayane Kebab is an innovation which beautifully blends two cultures, the nawabi culture with the Rajasthani culture. Kebabs are an integral part of nawabi cuisine and Mayane kebab is a rajasthani dish. Mayane which means the cover of the sword (“sword” is a weapon which represents Rajputs strength) Ingredients  5 types of daal or panratni daal, each 100 gms Red chillies Dhaniya powder Jeera Ghee Oil Garlic and Ginger paste Maida Bread crumbs Sooji Black pepper Onion Methi   Step...